Pocket PIAn investment in knowledge pays the best interest

~Benjamin Franklin

After twelve years of working in the fields of criminal defense and private investigation, watching criminals prey on trusting victims, I have decided to become part of the solution. It is my hope that I can prevent further deceptions by using my investigative expertise and professional connections. 

I created Pocket PI to provide detailed background reports to those who want to make informed decisions concerning themselves, their family and/or their business. Having a private investigator in your pocket will give you comfort and confidence in making choices regarding child care providers, employees, housekeepers, potential suitors, custody matters or any other myriad of situations. Pocket PI can assist you.

Pocket PI’s background reports are detailed, accurate and highly confidential. Please allow Pocket PI to help prevent you from becoming a victim by educating you prior to making important decisions in your life.

A simple background check can help prevent you from making a life changing error. 

Yours Truly